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★★ We are celebrating 50 Years of county boards of DD and being Always There for people with disabilities in Coshocton County. ★★ 


Introduction & Eligibility:


If you or a loved one has a developmental delay or disability, Coshocton DD can help by connecting you to the resources and supports needed. Connections are bulit around you and your family's unique wants and needs. Our supports are voluntary and free and a family or person can choose to stop using these supports at any time.


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Our Roots:




What's Your Story:




The 2016 Awareness theme is "What's Your Story?" - Share your story with us!





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Employment First





Coshocton County Board of DD believes that all individuals with disabilities should have the support and opportunity to work in the community job of their choice. The Employment First iniative is helping provide the resources and collaborations so that more individuals with disabilities can successfully join the workforce.

To read more about Employment First and the many benefits of creating a diverse workforce by employing individuals with disabilities click HERE.


Coshocton is an imagine County












Imagine is a powerful movement – a new way of supporting individuals and families that ensures that the things that are important to the person (such as their hopes, dreams and goals) are balanced with what is important for them (such as health and safety issues). It is a system transformation that will ultimately transform the DD system in Ohio. Imagine will change the way we think, act and support people on their journey through life.Imagine is a collaborative pilot project between 18 county boards of DD, the Mid East Ohio Regional Council (MEORC), the Ohio Department of DD and countless other individuals and partners. The project that will transform the way we support individuals with disabilities brings together person-centered thinking, person-centered systems and the technology that will be an important tool in collaborating with and empowering individuals, families and providers.




Our History




It all began in March of 1964, a time when there were no good options for children that had physical and/or intellectual challenges. Children with special needs were not accomadated in schools and so they were either forced to stay home, often hidden away, or society pressured families to hand the care of their child with a disability over to large institutions where contact with family was often discouraged.


Two local parents valued the abilities they could see in their children that had intellectual challenges and they set out to create a program that would meet the needs of their children and others like them.


Mrs. Russell Ashcraft of Warsaw and Mrs. James Gauerke of Coshocton were mothers that knew that their children had potential and that with the right resources they could develop their unique abilities and have a better life. They were determined to create a resource for children like their own to learn. Mrs. Ashcraft sought out and found 20 other children in the county that had similar needs as her own child. She took her idea and the contact information for these familes to Dave Tompkins who was the executive secretary of the Child Welfare Department. Mr. Tompkins then gathered more information, located facilities and tested the children. But most importantly, Mr. Tompkins, through his vision and advocacy, convinced the county commissioners to advance the money to begin Hopewell School.
Hopewell School opened in September of 1965 at the Coshocton Presbyterian Church in two rented rooms with two teachers, two aides and 23 students...


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We Need Your Feeback:






We need your feedback to help us know what we are doing well and to improve our services and supports for you! Please take a moment to take our quick survey here:



Steve Oster, Superintendent





  oster “Life is a journey with choices and opportunities.  Everyone should have the right to explore the roadmap of life and be part of their community”





  On behalf of the Board and staff, I would like to welcome you to the Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities, where our focus is on the individuals we serve and creating community partnerships.
As an agency, we are committed to quality supports and have received a five-year Accreditation with the Ohio Department of Development Disabilities and a three-year Accreditation with CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) in the areas of Employment Services and Community Services.
The Mission of the Coshocton County Board of DD is to embrace individuals with disabilities and incorporate them into the community. As a community we can create opportunities and lifetime experiences that will help enrich lives.
Steve Oster, Superintendent



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