Dorothy + Gloria

Gloria and Dorothy are a wonderful pair!  Gloria lives with Dorothy in her home and helps her live as independently as she can.  They have been together for 22 years.  Gloria can’t imagine her life without Dorothy and their dog Sadie.  They enjoy spending time at home and going on vacation to the beach. 

Gabby + Connie

Connie recently started working with Gabby and her family.  Gabby loves getting to spend time with Connie whenever she can!  Connie and Gabby love going out to different places- especially McDonalds!  French fries and chicken nuggets make Gabby light up and smile!  Gabby has grown so much since she started working with Connie- it’s a wonderful thing when you can watch a child learn and grow.

Jason, Jacob + Javanna

Javanna and Jason… Jason and Javanna--- throw Jacob into the mix and it’s the three musketeers!  Those three will have you in stitches the entire time you get to hang out with them!  They love getting to go to ball games, out to eat and participate in Special Olympics basketball, softball and more!  The relationship that these three have with each other is so genuine- they’re basically family. 

David + Deana

David and Deana—where to begin?! They met a number of years ago when Deana worked for Hopewell Industries before they privatized. Once that happened, she decided to go off on her own to become an independent provider. She and David have continued working together and they consider themselves family! David loves to spend time with Deana, her husband and their family. Recently, he learned how to drive the family tractor! You can clearly see how much they care for each other and how strong their bond is!

Kaden + Stephanie

Stephanie started working with Kaden just a few short months ago, but in that time they have formed such a strong bond!  She works with him a few times a week and they enjoy learning how to go to restaurants and she takes him to his appointments.  She has been working diligently with him to help him learn how to order his own food and how to pay for his food when they go out to eat.  She said that her favorite thing about working with Kaden is when they have been working diligently on something and she sees him have his “ah-ha!” moment!  She loves it when she can help him learn new skills to be as independent as he possibly can.  She can’t imagine doing anything else now that she has had this opportunity to help others.

Softball 2019 [team portraits]

The Hopewell Indians Softball team is geared up and ready to conquer another season! Here are some of our team portraits, and some silly bloopers! :)

Hopewell Graduation 2019

On May 23, 2019 approximately 20 preschoolers enrolled at Hopewell School, part of the Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities graduated to kindergarten! Special awards were given out to amazing students, parents and helpers who have made this year so spectacular! Thank you to everyone who has supported this program, these kids and our community!

Hopewell Graduation 2019-34.1.jpg
Hopewell Graduation 2019-35.1.jpg
Hopewell Graduation 2019-36.1.jpg
Hopewell Graduation 2019-43.1.jpg
Talent Show [2019]

Each year, CCBDD puts on a wonderful talent show! This year, we had 9 participants who danced, sang and rapped! Congratulations to everyone who participated— you did fabulous!