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David + Deana

David and Deana—where to begin?! They met a number of years ago when Deana worked for Hopewell Industries before they privatized. Once that happened, she decided to go off on her own to become an independent provider. She and David have continued working together and they consider themselves family! David loves to spend time with Deana, her husband and their family. Recently, he learned how to drive the family tractor! You can clearly see how much they care for each other and how strong their bond is!

Kaden + Stephanie

Stephanie started working with Kaden just a few short months ago, but in that time they have formed such a strong bond!  She works with him a few times a week and they enjoy learning how to go to restaurants and she takes him to his appointments.  She has been working diligently with him to help him learn how to order his own food and how to pay for his food when they go out to eat.  She said that her favorite thing about working with Kaden is when they have been working diligently on something and she sees him have his “ah-ha!” moment!  She loves it when she can help him learn new skills to be as independent as he possibly can.  She can’t imagine doing anything else now that she has had this opportunity to help others.

Softball 2019 [team portraits]

The Hopewell Indians Softball team is geared up and ready to conquer another season! Here are some of our team portraits, and some silly bloopers! :)

Jamie's Custom Cutting

Jamie received his Associates Degree in Greenhouse Production & Management, but was having difficulties finding a job that matched his interests. Through the help of The Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Jamie was able to start his own business doing what he loves- woodworking! Check out his video below to get his full story!

Michael - Fanatics
Schatz, M-2.jpg

Michael was unsure about leaving his Adult Day Program to pursue community employment. Through many conversations with his family and Employment Navigator, he finally decided that he would give it a try! He started working at Arby’s in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He enjoyed working in the community so well, he decided he wanted to try working at Fanatic’s as well! He is employed full time, gets benefits and paid time off and is one of the hardest working people there! This past March Michael won an award for his determination, dedication and commitment to working hard in the community at the annual Developmental Disability Luncheon. Congratulations, Michael!

Collin - Ohio Fabricators, Co.

Collin has been working with Ohio Fabricators, Co. since February of this year. He enjoys completing all of the tasks that are put in front of him, and he does them in a timely manner. Ohio Fabricators, Co. completes a lot of little jobs that Collin is able to help with and enjoys doing. His co-workers enjoy spending time with him and joking with him through the day. He has become an integral part of the Ohio Fab team!

I enjoy the people here. They make it a happy place.
— Collin H.